Before heading out to the field for their own decathlon, a fourth grade teacher created an opportunity to have kids Skyping with an Olympic Athlete, to get advice and learn about his experiences.

Kids Skyping with an Olympic AthleteAt Kalifornsky Beach Elementary School, fourth graders returned to school to work in teams on their own school decathlon, planned by teachers Jason Daniels and Darcy Marcou.

“I wanted to get the kids to bond as fast as possible and really know what it is to work as a team this year,” Daniels said. “And I thought ‘The Olympics just happened this year.’ They are already familiar with the Olympics because they’ve been watching it. Why not have a decathlon?”

In the Olympic decathlon, athletes participate in ten events in two days.  These include long and high jumps, pole vaulting, discus and javelin throwing, shot put, and four footraces.  The fourth graders threw a frisbee instead of a discuss.  They also used other events such as tug of war, a baton relay, and other team efforts to help the students work together.

Students were able to chat via Skype with Bryan Clay, winner of the silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics and gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  He was the world decathlon champion in 2005.  He told the students that it is possible to do anything they dream of doing. “The reason I know it’s possible for you is that I’ve been able to do it myself,” Clay said. “And if I can do it — coming from some of the same background as some of you and dealing with some of the same things you guys have to deal with — I know for a fact any of you can it as well.”

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