Students have the opportunity for learning German after school, thanks to the German Pacific School San Diego, which is expanding to include new sites.

Learning German After SchoolIn North County, children will learn German after school through play and other exercises from 4 to 6:30 pm on Fridays.  The most recent campus has opened in Poway, where approximately 90,000 people have some German ancestry.

While bilingual education focuses largely on Spanish and Asian languages in schools, the after school program is teaching language and culture. According to principal Wiebke Elway, “it’s amazing how many people pop up” when word gets out about German classes or activities. Many times, families are interested in having their children learn the language and culture of their heritage.

Classes are offered by the nonprofit school for ages 3-17, accommodating beginners as well as bilingual speakers. “We prepare our students for different exams, which help them whether they go to college here in the USA or attend a university in Germany,” Elbe said. In Carmel Valley, there are also adult German conversation classes.

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