A new laboratory for listening, learning and language is giving preschoolers with hearing loss the help they need.

Listening, Learning and LanguageThe Listening, Language and Learning Lab at Marshall University is commonly referred to as “The L.” It’s on the third floor of Smith Hall at Marshall. Recently the lab was visited by the West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano, Deputy Superintendent Cindy Daniels, Delegate Matt Rohrbach, R-Cabell, and Marshall President Jerome Gilbert.

The visit was part of an effort to support taking the lab and its preschool program statewide, sharing the teaching of infants, toddlers, and older children who have hearing loss to learn to listen and speak through using cochlear implants.

“When we have programs that are serving the needs of the state, it’s important to be able to duplicate that all over the state,” Gilbert said. “If there’s a need and we can find the funding, the people and the power, we need to take those programs out to those who need them.”

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