There are no more grades for homework in one district where the plans to transition to project based learning and “deeper learning” are underway this year.

Soft SkillsIn Isle of Wight County, Virginia, the changing curriculum of the district will have new grading regulations that do not include grading homework. “We’re giving teachers the opportunity to innovate in the classrooms,” said the principal of Smithfield Middle School Fred Eng.

Traditionally, homework and exams made up 5 and 10 percent of a student’s grade.  Tests, essays, and projects were 40 percent, quizzes and labs 25 percent, and classwork with class participation was 20 percent.

The new system requires that presentations be added to quizzes and labs.  The three categories will be weighted at 33.3 percent each.

“We don’t want to see grading for completion … we want homework to be valued by students,” Eng said.

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