An online library is now available for teachers and families, the first of its kind with free and low cost digital resources and technology.

Online Library is Now Available for Teachers and FamiliesThe Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources is the first completely online library to serve student’s individual academic needs, created in an effort to help schools improve student achievement and save on costs.

“Our classrooms are filled with digital natives who thrive on interactive learning experiences guided by an outstanding educator,” said executive director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association Shawn Hime.  “We want to help our schools embrace true integration of technology in our classrooms and ensure our students are ready for a digitally driven workplace.”

The library includes resources for high school classes in algebra, geometry, English, biology, chemistry, personal finance, and history.  Materials for middle and elementary school will be added next year.  The library will continue to grow with additional resources after that.  Since Oklahoma schools now are faced with large class sizes and less money, the library is an essential resource.

The library is housed in iTunes U through a collaboration with Apple.  It is accessible on any internet device, including those that are not made by Apple.  In the future, students and teachers will be able to create digital textbooks and house them in the library.

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