Outdoor Education is an experience that most students look forward to completing, or cherish in their memory.  For those who attend the Papillion La Vista Community Schools in Nebraska, the annual rite of passage is an important part of their science education.

Outdoor EducationThis year, over 900 sixth graders will visit Eastern Nebraska 4-H Camp for two days and one night, but will experience a more technology driven experience than their predecessors have.

Students will complete the usual activities, such as crafts, campfires, and demonstrations  of lessons, but they now will use iPads to research and record the results.

“They decided this year they wanted to take a look at Outdoor Ed since it’s a highlight and tradition within the schools,” said Jennifer Logan, a sixth-grade teacher at Patriot Elementary. “We wanted to take a look at how to highlight the legacy and tradition but make it a little more modern and relevant for kids today.”

Outdoor Ed will not only have more technology, but there will also be a more hands on approach that is inquiry driven.

“Rather than teachers leading discussions and passing on facts, it’s more of students developing hypotheses, asking questions, etc.,” Logan said.

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