A high school has decided to reverse the problem of attracting and retaining teachers by preparing high school students for teaching careers with a curriculum that shows them what is possible and prepares them for college level teaching courses.

Soft SkillsAt Lake Havasu High School in Arizona, 12 students are meeting the challenge to see if they have the ability and desire to be a teacher.

“Teacher shortage isn’t a problem that is exclusive to Havasu or Arizona, but it is something happening nationwide,” said Tania Gray, English teacher and department chair. “We looked at this idea and through research we see that the majority of teachers actually teach about 20 miles away from where they originally went to school.”

“Through this class we wanted a way to support students who have an interest in education, lifting them up and helping them to become the most well trained individual they can be,” Gray said.

Students will receive classroom instruction, and opportunities for scholarships.  There will be an incentive to return to Havasu schools to teach after graduation.

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