A school greenhouse is a favorite spot for learning, and students at Crimson View Elementary are pursuing their STEM education to a whole new level with hands on projects.

School Greenhouse is a Favorite Spot for LearningThe students have been working in the greenhouse since the spring of 2015, learning about growing fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.  They will harvest their crops later in the year.

“The kids love coming out here and they’re able to study a lot of their science core with the greenhouse,” said Crimson View Elementary Principal Nate Esplin. “We hope to keep it going all the time.”

Students maintain the greenhouse, as well as recording the plants progress in a journal.  In addition, the school has an aquaponics system with fish fertilizing the plants in a rock section.

Students are also learning about how the greenhouse works, including geo-thermal heat and cooling and solar power.

“The greenhouse has been good for them to see the whole process,” Kindergarten teacher Amy MacIntosh said. “We’ve only gone out a couple times because we just got our carrots in and school just started, but they get so excited.”

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