A middle school will get an innovative WeatherSTEM system, the first of its kind in Michigan.

Soft SkillsEdward Mansouri, the chief executive officer for WeatherSTEM, was describing his product to students at Shumate Middle School in Gibralter, emphasizing how current the data is that they can collect and use.

“Would you rather watch this weekend’s Lions game, or one taped from decades ago?” Edward Mansouri asked. “Obviously you want to see the new game.”

Students at both Carlson High School and the middle school will use the data collected by the innovative weather station.

“Students will be able to see real time data collected and use that in science and math courses,” Mansouri said.

The system is being installed thanks to science teacher Jeff Bowman.

“He was very passionate about it,” Superintendent Amy Conway said. “It’s a $5,000 system. He wrote a grant part of it paid for, but was so passionate about it the company decided to fund the entire thing instead of just half.”

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