All attention was focused on “Agent Humpty Dumpty” as sixth graders staged an exciting egg drop experiment. Sixth graders at Taylor Elementary School had a mission – to help “agent Humpty Dumpty” jump down a wall without cracking.

Sixth Graders Staged an Exciting Egg Drop ExperimentEmily Reed altered the classic tale into a project based learning experiment for her sixth grade class.

“We had almost 40 kids, all split into teams, who sacrificed their lunch and recess times to come build their contraptions for an entire week,” Reed said. “The (egg drop) experiment was amazing. When you present kids with a real-life problem and they have to use real-life skills to solve it, they get to learn about engineering, math and technology to build something that will save the egg.”

The teams built contraptions from anything they could find.  These included Styrofoam, pieces of pool noodles, trash bags that became parachutes, cardboard boxes, balloons, and anything that they could get to  cushion the fall or slow the descent through air resistance.

“The concept they learned was about using either air resistance to work with gravity, or focus on impact,” Reed said. “I’d ask them, ‘How can we plan it so they either fall slowly and softly, or fall fast but have the egg padded and protected when it hits the ground?’ Some used one or the other, but a lot used both.”

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