At two schools, standards based grading is replacing traditional  point systems, and thus there are no more zeros, extra credit, or grade bumps for effort.

Standards Based Grading is Replacing Traditional Point SystemsTwo high schools in Lexington, Bryan Station and Paul Laurence Dunbar are starting a policy of more meaningful and fair grading.

Academic grades will represent what a student is able to do, understands, or knows. The grade will be based on scores they earn on tests.

Last year, a committee at Bryan Station High on grades which was comprised of students, parents, and staff reached the conclusion that district policy on grading was in need of repair. The changes include not including student behavior such as effort or participation, or following class rules.  Do not give a 0 for cheating or plagarizing – the test  or work must be redone. Don’t assign zeros as punishment for missing or late work. No extra credit or bonus points are to be given. A student’s attendance or lack thereof is not a factor in the grade.

Student habits of participation or handing in work on time will still be recorded on the report card.  However these behaviors are not part of the academic grade.

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