Because of a unique middle school broadcast class, a student produced newscast is a daily community voice.

Student Produced Newscast is a Daily Community VoiceThe course at Center Hill Middle School in DeSoto County is encouraging student leadership, and preparing students for possible future careers in broadcasting. Each morning, the students gather in the cafeteria, getting the latest news of school events, news, and student birthdays from Mustang Television, also known as MTV2, with broadcasts totally produced by students.

“This really helps me break out of my shell and help me be able to talk to people,” student Braxton Miller said of the interactive opportunity. Students learn about public speaking, lighting, and editing. Most students do not study these topics until high school.

Teacher Kacy Covington has sponsored the program for three years.  The students are carefully selected for their proven talent on camera and behind the scenes.

“I’ve had to be creative. We do the editing in my classroom at a computer, that makes it a little bit harder and we do a lot of the work in a small space,” said Covington.

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