Students are building an electric car and will have the opportunity to race it, as a result of a partnership between their school and a nuclear plant.

Soft SkillsThe Farley Nuclear Plant funded the purchase of an Electrathon America electric vehicle kit for students at the Houston County Career & Technical center.  Students in the pre-engineering class will build the car, make decisions about designs and steering system. The purpose of the endurance race will be to test how many laps the vehicle is capable of.

“It’s one of those things students can have a lot of fun with,” said teacher Shannon Jimmerson. “You get to put them in a car that they built and designed.”

According to Houston County Career Technical Center Principal Glenn Maloy, building and testing the electric car is a project based learning opportunity that teaches students skills that they can apply later to the work force. In addition, students in the business courses will be able to develop marketing materials and students in automotive tech courses can assist with maintenance.

“It encompasses what we try to do with project-based learning and the opportunity to use cross-curricular training to build, design and market all in one project,” he said.

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