The “Road to the White House” tour was in full swing, allowing for an opportunity to have middle school students get an inside look at politics aboard the C-SPAN bus.

Students Get an Inside Look at Politics Aboard the C-SPAN BusThe mobile bus allows students to have insight into how the cable network covers public policy debates and political coverage in general. When the bus arrived in Hagerstown, Maryland, students at Northern Middle School got an up close view of how politics and political reporting works.

“I think it’s good for the kids to see that they can get news from many different outlets, and it kind of builds upon some of the digital citizenship work that we’re going here at Northern, helping kids choose the right sources of information and to do the right sort of social-media posting,” school Principal Beth Allshouse said.

Students were able to view interactive exhibits which introduced them to C-SPAN coverage of the White House, Congress, federal courts, and the program “Road to the White House.”  They were able to have access to all 2016 presidential candidate events without commentary, analysis, or editing.

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