Teachers are using Twitter to share new ideas, and to get inspiration. In North Platte, Nebraska, Denise DiGiovanni, the director of elementary teaching and learning says “We really feel that teachers are the heartbeat of the district. That’s what keeps everything going. Teachers are the most important impact in learning.”

Teachers Are Using Twitter to Share New IdeasFor that heartfelt role, educators are using #lubdub on Twitter as the hashtag to share what they learn and to build community in the school district.

“I learn a lot of ideas through Twitter and I also read a lot of articles posted on Twitter that are really good,” said Lyndsey Douglas, a fourth-grade teacher at McDonald Elementary School.

Twitter helps to build community within the district and beyond.

“It’s very huge in education,” said Douglas. “You get fellow educators that follow you and re-tweet some of the things you tweet out, so it’s a great connection between lots of fellow educators among the United States.”

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