A teacher’s game of explorers works like Pokémon Go, and students are enjoying the card game which teaches about various voyagers

Teacher's Game of Explorers Works Like Pokémon GoExplorer Go was invented by teacher Sara Davis-Leonard for her World History II class at Magna Vista High School.

“Students were divided into groups named after various groups of explorers throughout history,” Davis-Leonard said.

Students are divided into teams, which answer three true or false questions.  Correct answers unlock clues, helping students fined hidden cards  Students venture outside the classroom, to find the cards.

“For Pokémon Go, you have to walk around and find Pokémon to catch them. For this, you have to answer questions and tell it where you want to go to find your next card,” said student Tyler Hopkins.

If students give incorrect answers, they may end up in the wrong spot, totally off track. And instead of visiting Pokestops to gain boosters, students check out the fifteen teachers who are stops for the Explorer Go game.

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