From across the nation, 22 schools have been selected to provide unique stories produced by students for PBS NewsHour.

Unique Stories Produced by Students for PBS NewsHourIn Michigan, Students from Royal Oak High School will learn about video journalism before they head for Isle Royale National Park to tell the story of the remote national park on northern Lake Superior. The students are charged with creating “unique stories from America’s canyons, craters and mountain peaks.”

The Michigan students are entering their junior year in Mark Conrad’s class, and have an interest in a career in video journalism. The program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

NewswHour’s lead producer, Matthew Ehrichs said that the students have a connection with storytelling and the earth. “Earlier this year we traveled out into the wilderness with a busload of student reporters,” Matthew Ehrichs, the program’s lead producer, said in the release. “We could see the students connecting to the Earth, deepening their connection with their reporting and visual storytelling.”

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