It’s the beginning of a STELLAR fifth year for special ed high school students as they begin a special program designed to help them acclimate to real world life.  The program at Southington High School is called Southington’s Transitional Education in Life Learning and Adult Responsibilities, also known as STELLAR.

Soft SkillsThe partnership between Southington Public Schools and Lincoln College of New England is unique for Southington, according to Beth Ozkan, coordinator of secondary special education.

“The program is designed for students with intellectual disabilities to work with people that are age appropriate,” Ozkan said.

Previously, special education students who needed assistance beyond age 18 remained in high school until age 21.  Now, the STELLAR students meet at Lincoln College so they are with students their own age every day.

Seven students are enrolled, and taught by head teacher Jessica Monson, a graduate of SHS and first year teacher. The program is staffed by SHS employees, however the college location provides more opportunities for the students.

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