The possibilities are endless for cardboard creations and elementary and middle school students were ready for competition when they participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge.

Cardboard CreationsAt Wyoming Seminary Lower School, the annual event is a part of STEM Saturdays.  The original event started when a Los Angeles boy named Caine Monroy spent a summer building a whole arcade out of cardboard at his father’s auto parts store.  A documentary was made called “Caine’s Arcade” and it quickly went viral. Today, children all over the world participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge every October.

The event was open to all elementary and middle school students, no matter where they attend school.  Children created projects at the event or they could bring a project from home. Once the projects were complete, they were taen to the gym for display.

The event is in keeping with STEM fundamentals, according to Wyoming Seminary STEM Director John Eidam.  “The idea of STEM is to get students to work collaboratively in a hands-on activity,” he said. “It sparks their interest, often getting them involved in an activity.”

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