On National Science Day,  drone discovery teaches the principles of flight to young students wanting to learn about aviation and technology.  The theme of National Science Day this year was “drone discovery” and thousands of children across the nation used roto-copters and drones and how they can be used.

Drone Discovery Teaches the Principles of FlightAt the Thurston County Fairgrounds, budding scientists used roto-copters to learn about flight.  Roto-copters are devices that are made from propellers mounted on the end of sticks.

Steven Yabsley was on hand to explain to students about the roto-copters and demonstrate their use as part of the 4-H participation in National Science Day.  He placed one between his hands, and quickly moved one hand forward and one back.  They took flight.  Soon the air was filled with roto-copters, as the children became interested.

“By using lift and thrust, they can get a little roto-copter where they want it to go,” Yabsley said.

The event also launched awareness of the Thurston County 4-H STEM Club, a local club for science, technology, engineering, and math.

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