Through a district wide use of tools provided by Google, helping elementary students become tech ninjas is encouraging a love of technology and assistance for teachers and students.

Soft SkillsThe Richland School District is incorporating SMART boards into all classrooms.  At Orchard Elementary School, some teachers are struggling to keep up with the changes to technology from classic chalkboards.

“A lot of our teachers are feeling overwhelmed,” said Shirley Falls, a third-grade teacher. “It’s hard to keep up with technology.”

The solution that Falls and her partner, Amanda Workman have come up with is training students to be Tech Ninjas.  These are extremely capable Orchard Elementary School students who are learning to use the SMART boards and the additional technology that is being integrated into classrooms, including Google tools.

Both women want to share their love of technology with their students.  They started the program after being asked by their principal last year for students who function at a higher level.  The Tech Ninjas are working to help students and teachers who struggle to adjust to technology, and integrate it into classrooms.

“We love learning about new technology,” Workman said. “(The program is) our way to keep up with it and pass on our passion to students.”

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