Halloween is full of fun role playing games, but the escape the bus game is a fun problem solving activity for Pleasant Valley Elementary School’s fourth graders, with some help from older students in the Circle of Friends program.

Escape the Bus Game is a Fun Problem Solving ActivityTo escape the bus, the students had to explore items on the bus, including scanners, iPads, video games, and 3D printers.  Those yielded clues to help them escape.

Based on the “Escape the Room” adventures which are now very popular, the iSchool Initiative’s Digital Learning Revolution Tour Bus enables children to solve problems, work collaboratively and use technology while taking initiative.

“We want students to have the opportunity to think differently,” said Andrew Davis, the school’s chief academic officer Andrew Davis. “Giving them the tools to create using technology in a setting that isn’t a standard classroom setting is something that’ll open up more room for understanding and learning and we’re seeing a difference in our students.”

The iSchool Initiative was brought to the district by Davis, in order to assist the district in integrating technology and hands on learning. The experience covered over 200 fourth graders and 50 staff members. The school already had iPads, green screens and movie equipment.  A classroom has been transformed into an open space that has bean bags for seating.

“This is the kind of innovative learning we’ve been adding to the curriculum,” said Davis. “It’s purposeful and that’s what matters. With this type of learning under their belts, students can go on to feel more comfortable with future technology and learning.”

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