A classroom of fifth graders are helping plan a $17 million park, and they are providing some great ideas to the adult planners for use and perspective on what is important.

Soft SkillsAt Deer Point Elementary School, the students visited the 97 acre Lynn Haven Bayou Park and Preserve, which shares a fence with the school. The Department of Environmental Protection is using money from the Deepwater Horizon incident to improve public access to waterways.  The public access was damaged during the oil spill of 2010.

There will be kayak and boat ramps, disc golf, an observation tower, and picnic tables.  Students are offering inspiration and imagination.

“I’m really glad that they ask us because I personally have a lot of ideas about how to help,” said student Wesley Tilghman.

“Fishing line holders,” he suggested to project manager Doug Hattaway. “Like if you find fishing line on the pier. Because it can get in the water and choke animals.”

Hattaway welcomes the chance to open young minds toward better development of the community connection to nature, as this ensures better stewardship of the land.

“Well they certainly come up with some ideas we can’t quite fit into this park such as a petting zoo, which I heard today,” Hattaway said laughing. “We can maybe incorporate the spirit of that into the park so there aren’t any bad ideas here really.”

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