Gaming is a class management tool for teacher Paul Blankenship.  He uses technology to engage his students, and teaches social studies by using a game based system for classroom management.

Gaming is a Class Management Tool for This TeacherVideo games are the tools Blankenship uses to engage his students when they learn about history, geography, and other social studies.  One of the games he uses is called “Boss Battle,” which allows students to take down a villain answering question through teamwork.  Correct answers allow students to do damage to the boss.  Incorrect answer damage the students’ player characters.The concept is extended to the real classroom, with awards provided for positive behavior and negative behavior has consequences.

Blankenship also uses a version of Minecraft to teach about geography and maps.  He believes that running his classroom in the context of video games makes learning more appealing for students.

“It works for behavior,” he said. “As they level up, they get additional privileges, like actions points that allow them to ask if an answer to a test question is right or wrong.”

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