A special new program called Go Time starts the school day early with imagination, innovation, and opportunities to create with robots, Tinkertoys, and a 3D printer.

Soft SkillsGetting to school early has always meant sitting quietly in the gym or cafeteria.  This year at Pine Tree Middle School, students can get to school 30 minutes early and enjoy creating with technology, taking Latin dancing lessons, learn to sew, leard to do yoga, or practice twirling.

Go Time is the early before school program that is causing a rush of excitement.

“Go Time is allowing kids to be engaged in an activity before class starts. Now, when first period starts, they’re already ready to go because their brains have been active,” Principal Rusty Robinett said. “We’re seeing that kids want to be here at 7:45 a.m. Our attendance is up, and our tardies are down.”

Robinett noticed that half the students arrived by 7:45 am, and the time was not utilized.

“We just had them sitting in the gym with teachers trying to get them to keep quiet. They were completely unengaged,” he said. “I felt like we could use that time better.”

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