A school district is finding that Google Classroom bridges gaps between technology and teachers.

Google Classroom Bridges Gaps Between Technology and TeachersA recent technology coordinators conference in Perdido Beach was the place where technology coordinator Terry Freeman and a team from Albertville City School System shared information about their experience with Google technology.  Freeman said that Google Classroom is integrated system wide.

“This is our third year to use Google Classroom,” Freeman said. “We started using it as soon as they rolled it out. Google Classroom bridges the gap between technology and what teachers were able to provide in the classroom.”

Since the school system began using Google Classroom, Freeman says that there have been better test scores, fewer discipline issues and instant feedback for the students.  The school system uses over 2,000 Chromebooks, 1,300 iPads, and several hundred MacBooks.  Over 160 wireless access points are at Albertville High School, and 60 are at the middle school

“It’s been a revolution,” said Tammy Miller, eighth grade English teacher. “It’s transformed my classroom. It requires a different way of preparing and thinking. It makes the lessons interactive for the kids instead of them reacting to the lesson.”

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