On Health Occupations Day, there was a chance to directly explore health career options for teens, through a mock scenario and disaster drill.

Soft SkillsThe mock scenario at College of Southern Idaho involved a bleacher collapse at a high school pep rally, in which more than 200 high school juniors and seniors participated.  The teens pretended to be injured, while the CSI students sorted out triage.

“We need to figure out who needs treated first,” College of Southern Idaho paramedic program manager Todd Evans told the teens.

Students had the opportunity to explore different health science career options on Health Occupations Day, to see what interested them. Activities included making dental impressions and operating on dummies.

Student adviser for health sciences and human services told the high school students that she hoped they would say “yes” to the question “Do you have what it takes to be a hero?” “We train the people who are going to go out there and save lives,” she said.

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