For 20 minutes a day, middle schoolers learn how students clear their minds to fill their brains.

How Students Clear Their Minds to Fill Their BrainsFor the first 20 minutes of the day at Challand Middle School, students meet with a teacher to discuss anything going on in their lives, whether big or small. It can be as simple as worrying about a lost item, or as major as a family tragedy.

Teacher Kim Reiley knew that something was wrong when her seventh grade student Blake came into the door one morning.

“Blake usually comes in and is fun and easygoing,” she said. “He came in today with a worried face. I knew that something was weighing on him heavy.”

Blake had missed sleep worrying about the $300 district issued iPad he had lost.  Reiley sent him to the office, and it was there in the lost and found waiting. Once he rejoined the class, she opened up the floor for other discussions.  They talked about the nationwide creepy clown scare, and what to do if they encountered anyone like that.  Then they played a short game based on the old telephone game, to show how rumors can quickly get out of control.

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