Instructional coaches are teaching teachers how to present new lessons, and grow their skills. At Dearington Elementary School for Innovation, instructional coach Jackie Davis is modeling a lesson plan for second graders. The children played a game with elements of addition and subtraction.

Soft Skills“What did we notice?” Davis asked students. “That you used math.” The students’ teacher also observed.  “I’m supporting teachers to grow teachers — to help kids,” Davis said.

This is the first year that there has been an instructional coach at each elementary school in Lynchburg.  For the secondary level, five coaches are split within subject areas and work in the three middle and two high schools.

The coaches find that co teaching is just one of their duties. They also observe classrooms, work with gifted students, model lesson plans, and provide feedback to teachers and administration.

“It’s ongoing daily professional development based off the school’s goals and what the teacher’s goals are,” Davis said.

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