Kids are embracing a high tech future as they enjoy hands on lessons in robotics, engine design, and information systems.

Soft SkillsAt a Community Career + Education Forum hosted by Endress & Hauser in Greenwood, students, educators and parents were introduced to careers in modern manufacturing requiring science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

Members of Center Grove High School’s red Alert Robotic team explained how they built a device that solved Rubiks cube in seconds, and another robot that threw a ball.

Kids also learned about the the advantages of making an engine design environmentally friendly, and how radar could measure precise amounts of gas and liquid.

Endress + Hauser showed many disciplines to students at the forum, creating opportunities for children in grades seven through nine to discover one resource for college, potential careers and extraordinary uses of the four main STEM components.

“We still have a lot of people around the country who don’t know what manufacturing looks like today. So having this forum, we can redefine and put a new image in people’s minds about what that is, about what cool opportunities exist,” said Brandyn Ferguson, vice president of human resources for Endress+Hauser. “We want to expose them to the breadth of career options.”

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