Kids are learning about animals inside and out thanks to a 4-H enrichment program which teaches kids anatomy.

Animals Inside and OutStudents who were poking with gloved hands at pink pieces of flesh were told to not call what they were touching “guts”.  It was actually the reproductive system of a cow and a pig.

“It felt really weird. It felt kind of like Jell-O,” said fourth-grader Ava Rickert.

Ava had just examined the organs including ovaries and uteruses.

The 4-H program is called Animals Inside and Out, and is designed to teach children about the internal systems of  animals. Students learned about the reproductive systems of animals, as well as the muscular, skeletal, digestive, and circulatory systems. They found out more about animal byproducts.  The program is designed for educators to participate, and for students to observe live animals such as sheep, goats, and roosters as well.

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