A military science and leadership class is a possible high school elective for students interested in military careers, taught by a Master Sergeant with the Army National Guard.

Soft SkillsKlamath Falls City Schools superintendent Dr. Paul Hillyer says that Military Science and Leadership could be an elective course available for students this spring.

According to Master Sgt. James Marinucci, the class would teach about military history, discipline, and leadership. “We encourage our students to seek out leadership roles, and leadership teams, and be more proactive in the school government,” Marinucci said. The class is an opportunity to engage students who may not have an interest in school, he added.

At a school board meeting, Marinucci addressed concerns about the class being a mechanism for recruitment.  His response was that students who already have an interest in joining the military usually take the class, but they can also learn enough to decide that it is not for them.

“What seems to be good about the course is they teach quite a few leadership skills that would be helpful for a lot of students. Teaching them work ethic and things like that, I think would be good for them,” Hillyer said. “I’m open to whichever way the board decides to go with that.”

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