While she was studying a worksheet about pollution, 12 year old Jahnaia Penix moved like a snowboarder, mixing academics with exercise on equipment in a new lab at Sonora Middle School. Her coach, Trudi Spencer, told her to repeat the information on the worksheet mentally while she worked out for the few remaining minutes of her session in the Action Based Learning Lab.

Soft SkillsJahnaia remembered both the question and the answer when she left class.  She remembered the pie chart showing the proportion of carbon dioxide pollution produced in 1998, and one question was about the percentage that was from North America.

“I kept on saying it over and over in my head,” she said.

The new lab combines exercise with writing, reading, math, and science.  Spencer’s goal is to provide action based learning to every student, although currently only 125 of 850 students participate.

“Hopefully it will make a difference in those students,” Spencer said.

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