When returning from class one Friday afternoon, some fourth grade students discovered that the mystery of the missing teacher is an unusual geography lesson, solved by an interactive, immersive puzzle game called Escape Colorado.

Lucky Seeing Eye Puppy was Adopted by a Life Skills ClassWhen the activity began, students received a video message from principal Dennis Klein.  He told them that their teacher had been taken by the notorious criminal, Carmen Sandiego. However, there were clues left behind which showed that their teacher was somewhere in Colorado.

At that point the students divided into teams, exploring different Colorado regions.  Other classroom teacher helped them spend 60 minutes using problem solving, resourcefulness, and creativity to learn about the geography of Colorado and find clues that school staff had found while interrogating accomplices.

The first clue involved a puzzle the students put together. Each puzzle asked a different question about geography.  Once they knew the answer, they selected it on the Promethean board.  Select videos then popped up with teachers in costume giving directions for finding the next clue.

Excitement built throughout the game, leading to a mystery box of maps.  Students used latitude and longitude to find their teacher in the school library.

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