The national high school graduation rate is at an all time high of 83.2 percent, with improvement tracked across all racial and ethnic groups, according to federal data.

Soft SkillsAccording to Education Secretary John B. King Jr., the high graduation rate is important, but declining scores on national math and reading tests are still a major concern.  “A higher graduation rate is meaningful progress, but certainly we share the concern that we have more work to do to make sure every student graduates ready for what’s next,” he said.

There were also gains reported for students from low income families and disabled students.

King emphasized that the graduation rate is more than a number. “It represents real students in real cities, towns and rural communities who are better prepared for success in college and careers,” he said.

There is still a significant difference in graduation rates when the data is broken down by race.  Asian Americans had a 90.2 percent graduation rate, while whites were at 87.6 percent, followed by Hispanics at 77.8 percent, African-Americans at 74.6 percent and Native Americans at 71.6 percent.

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