New approaches to truancy and all the problems surrounding the causes and effects are resulting in families and students getting the help they need.

Soft SkillsA new partnership between Easton Area School District and Northampton County Court is enabling officials to work together in solving the problem of absences in middle school.  Students and families still have to appear in court on truancy charges.  However, they will not get fined.  They will get help.

The pilot program focuses on fixing the root of the problem, instead of punishment.  Court appearances are usually referred after six unexcused absences.  The new program participation is voluntary.

“With truancy court, instead of going the route of the punitive way, we’ll first attempt to intervene and have both the court and the district, along with various other resources, around the table to try to problem solve and work together to improve the outcome and have the student re-engaged with the school,” district Assistant Superintendent Alyssa Emili said.

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