A day of new beginnings for life skills students at an art show was a cause for celebration, as students of the Exploring Fine Arts class held their first art exhibition.

Soft SkillsIn the Exploring Fine Arts Class, advanced art students are mixed with students in the Life Skills program, who are focusing on independence in vocational and daily living.

The student works were in various mediums. These included wooden wall sculptures made in the style of famous sculptor Louise Nevelson. Life Skills students introduced visitors to their works, sometimes relying on iPads as speech devices.

Of the 17 students, five are advanced art students, according to teacher Suzanne Breen. Wachusett Regional High School special education curriculum specialist Kimberly Paquett started the class, requesting that Breen lead it.

“This course was set up to help them earn their art credits towards graduation, and the advanced art students earn credits, too,” Breen said. “Some of our students here may move on to Arts Foundation and some may take the course again.”

After two quarters of Exploring Fine Arts, students often move on to a music course. They can also take classes in theater, culinary arts, and technology.

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