There is a new path to project based learning in middle school, as evidenced by a school that is part of a district’s program to implement a completely project based curriculum in middle school and high school.

New Path To Project Based Learning in Middle SchoolAt Camas Project Based Learning Middle School, the approach is to take real life experiences and utilize them within lessons.

“We’re taking real-world problems and teaching standards, and bringing them together,” said Aaron Smith, principal of the whole project-based learning campus. “The students are going to learn how to solve problems in the real world through collaboration and communication.”

Students have their own definitions of project based learning as well.

“What’s PBL?” one seventh-grader said. “Dancing and building pyramids.”  One student was choreographing a dance to show the water cycle.

“There’s more room for exploration,” said seventh grader Riley Carlston. “When something’s happening, we discuss it.”

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