A new STEM lab for middle school students is offering the chance for hands on experiences and real life applications in a state-of-the-art environment.

New STEM Lab for Middle School StudentsA partnership with Pitsco Education has allowed Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five to open a new STEM lab at Robert E. Howard Middle School. “I think it’s a great program,” OCSD5 Superintendent Dr. Jesse Washington said.

The lab is intended to provide opportunities for students “to learn how to work in the community, how to talk and discuss, how to analyze (and) how to problem solve,” said Washington.

Pitsco has only partnered with three schools in South Carolina for this type of lab.  It is a $50,000 joint effort which was developed with the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee.

Students will visit the lab three times a week, working in pairs at stations to learn about light and lasers, rocket science, and flight technology.

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