Over 200,000 students in Florida are planning a future with MyCareerShines, a comprehensive career planning system administered by the University Of West Florida Innovation Institute, housed in a historic building in Pensacola.

Soft SkillsOnline tools that are age appropriate allow students to connect interests and skills to careers and jobs, thus planning personalized education.  MyCareerShines is a free tool for all students in Florida from middle school through college.

“MyCareerShines is helping students plan for the future,” said UWF Innovation Institute assistant provost Dr. Karen Rasmussen. “Whether it is college, training or straight into the workforce, MyCareerShines gives students all the information and tools to succeed.”

The objective of the system is to help students connect their interests and favorite subjects with their future jobs as adults.

The two online tools offered by MyCareerShines were developed by Kuder Inc, a service provider that specializes in career guidance and career assessments based on research.

“When students have a plan, they are more likely to stay on track, on time and on budget for earning their degree,” Rasmussen said. “MyCareerShines helps them make that plan, starting as early as sixth grade.”

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