Second graders are promoting school rules through a unique public relations campaign.  In just a few weeks, posters and videos will remind students at Arlington Elementary School to not talk in the hall, keep their hands to themselves, and “use kind actions and kind words.”  The artists and videographers are second grade students.

Second Graders are Promoting School RulesThe children developed the school rules as per the policy that had been set by adults at their school.  They then started a public service campaign to educate students about the rules and promote them.

“We have developed a plan for the students to create the school rules,” said teacher Bari Douglas. “The students have learned what it means to come to consensus, they have learned how to interview people and develop interview questions, and interviewed administration and teachers around the building about what kind of school rules we should have.”

In addition to creating posters, the kids met with a police officer to find out about differences between rules and laws, researched online rules from other schools across the country, and created a song about the differences between rules and laws.

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