Showing kids where food comes from has been a tradition for 16 years at Sylvester Ranch, on the annual Day at the Farm when they host hundreds of Franklin County students.

Showing Kids Where Food Comes From“It really started when I was involved with the Farm Bureau back in my younger years”, Russ Sylvester said. “You could see that the
kids at school didn’t know much about agriculture, so we had a trailer rigged up and we went to Lincoln or Garfield elementary schools, I think it was, for about a year or so. We had stairs where they could go in the back and go out the side and we had grain and a couple different animals and talked to the kids.”

All Franklin County third graders attend the event each year.  About 600 people attended this year, including 350 students, and volunteers and parents.

According to Sylvester, even children who live on a farm do not know much about some things in agriculture. He decided to bring them to the farm to show them, and the program grew.

Day on the Farm consists of various sessions lasting about 20 minutes each, presented by agriculture groups such as Future Farmers of America, the Kansas Farm Bureau, Dunn’s Landing, and the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce agribusiness committee.

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