Thanks to Skype technology and a creative teacher, a STEM program opens the world to seventh graders, literally. Recently a group of students took a virtual field trip 8,400 miles away from their middle school classroom to a penguin rescue in Cape Town, South Africa.

Soft SkillsTeacher Jaime Martin has her 44 students for two periods each day, a double math and science block period.  She uses a STEM curriculum which integrates technology based math and science.

“It’s nice to have the extra time with the kids. We are trying to combine them together with projects as often as we can,” Martin said. “It’s a curriculum we are working on so it’s always ever changing. We have done a lot of great activities so far.”

The  pilot program has been in existence for only a few months, but Martin has noticed a difference.

“The students are really engaged even when we’re not doing specific STEM activities,” Martin said. “My classes are very project-based, very group oriented and find they work well together. They are actively participating whatever the activity is, whether it’s a problem out of a math book or Spheros. It’s been a positive experience.”

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