A solution to student hunger has been reached by having a student food bank open at a charter school, serving students in need.

Student Food Bank Open at a Charter SchoolAt César Chávez Charter School in Deming, food packets have been distributed to many of the students.  The school started a stockpile in April and has partnered with the Deming Elk’s Lodge 2750 to assist student and their families. Along with the Elks donation, volunteers shopped for food and received help with organizing from the Road Runner Food Bank in Las Cruces.

Principal Stan Lyons and his staff started the initiative for the food bank, recognizing that their students needed food assistance.  Over 2,700 pounds of food was distributed when the food bank opened.

“This represents a lot of people doing a lot of things just to get the food to here,” Lyons said. “I’m grateful that I’m with a staff that has gone and found volunteers and has helped our students be appreciative.”

According to Lyons, many students have no resources for food over the weekend. He is excited to see the food bank continuing.

Food packing and distribution was done by student and staff volunteers.  “I think it’s a good idea that we’re doing this,” said sophomore Kaitlynn Armendariz. “I feel good about it. I don’t like to see people struggle. I was in that position before, so I know how it feels.”

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