At one middle school, students exercise creativity and tech expertise in a news program produced weekly for informing the school community and entertainment.

Students Exercise Creativity and Tech Expertise In News ProgramAt Joplin South Middle School, eighth grade students produce a weekly news program, the South Middle School Weekly Digest.  They give the news of the school, but also entertain others.  For example, during the weather report, Levi Stokesbary tells that there will be “continuing dark” during the night and “scattered light” in the morning.

“It has helped me come out of my shell,” said Stokesbary. “I like doing interviews and how it has connected me more with the school.”

The students are part of eLeaders, a group of kids who share an advanced knowledge of computers and use that skill to serve faculty and students.

“These kids put in hours of work and beat staff to school (each morning) to put it together,” said club sponsor Darren Morgan, a history teacher at South.

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