Professionals and aspiring artists came together to make it possible for students to learn from entrepreneurs at the school artisan fair.

Students Learn From Entrepreneurs at the School Artisan FairAt the DeLong Middle School, students sold their wares at the “Knight’s Faire” at their school.  The event was to foster creativity and create community.  Students and entrepreneurs sold crafts ranging from handcrafted jewelry and birdhouses to paintings and pottery.  Some of the crafts that were demonstrated included making greeting cards, collages and silk scarves.

The school has presented craft fairs in the past.  This year’s “artisan fair” was free and open to anyone who wanted to attend.  The intent was to educate the art community at DeLong as well as the public.

“We decided we wanted something more educational-based,” said event organizer and DeLong art teacher Kathy Bareis. “So we have students learning from real entrepreneurs, real artisans who are out in the field.”

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