A desire to prepare for the future means students use makerspaces for creating and inventing in one school district that has made the special spaces for inventing and problem solving a priority in all schools.

Students Use Makerspaces for Creating and InventingThe strategy of the Bettendorf School District is to set aside space in school libraries to be makerspaces.  The goal is to give students the opportunity and space to be creative with what they learn in math, science, and language arts.

Hoover Elementary students created and tested the use of hand held tablets to activate robots.  All the students in grades 3-5 at Hoover have been trained on makerspace.  Some teachers may request that the knowledge trickle down to younger students.

Briefly, the students are required to create, produce, and test their ideas in makerspace.  They can then modify them if the projects do not work or need additional work.

Bettendorf Middle School is planning on hosting a Maker Fair in April.  Projects at last year’s fair included building a terrarium and decorating fancy cupcakes.

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