A demonstration of intercontinental communication was a treat for middle school students and their parents talking about science with students from Turkey over Skype.

Talking About Science with Students from Turkey Over SkypeThe Skype session took place at the STEAM Makerspace at Bagnall School in Pentucket. It was part of a collaboration between the district and Dr Tugul Hakiaglu of the Istanbul Technical University.

The Turkish students shared with the Pentucket students the physics and chemistry of bubble science.  Two Pentucket eighth graders shared an overview of their engineering project, a design for a load-bearing bridge.

“Testing the bridges can be even more fun than building them. Weights are suspended under each bridge, carefully measuring the load to see whose design is the most effective before the inevitable collapse,” said Pentucket Superintendent Jeff Mulqueen.

Students also learned about each other’s culture and countries.

In addition, some elementary school students also showed various science projects they are currently researching. These include vertical gardens, which are useful for people living in cities with limited space.

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