Over 100 teachers are getting their game on by playing video games in the name of learning. In Academy School District 20, teachers will play video games and learn how students next semester can apply the strategy of gaming characters in math, science, social studies, and English.

Teachers are Getting Their Game OnThe day long training in gamification is being hosted by Eagleview Middle School. “There’s a lot of excitement and energy around this,” said Eagleview assistant principal Troy Gedack.

According to district spokeswoman Allison Cortez, the district is making a unique offering to teachers.

“It’s the first-of-its-kind type of training and is pretty cutting-edge,” she said. “Some colleges are using gamification in the classroom, but we don’t know of any K-12 doing this locally.”

Gamification techniques motivate students by using the principles and elements of video games to gain interest and attention.

“I like the design around it,” Gedack said. “It has an opportunity to foster perseverance, creativity and resilience, so kids don’t just have one opportunity to learn something. Based on their passion, they can delve into a much deeper level.”

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