A group of teachers joining the National Writing Project are seeking to provide better education through writing.

Soft SkillsWriting includes composition in all school subjects.  Rachel Bear, a former English teacher who works for the National Writing Project says that writing is the basis for professional development for teachers.

“Teachers are the best teachers of teachers,” she joked.

Bear met with teachers who had joined the Elk River Writing Project based at Montana State University, Billings.The Elk River Writing Project has support from the National Writing Project, and works with educators across grade levels and curriculum areas to strengthen teaching skills. It is directed by Glenda McCarthy, Indian Education teaching coach for Billings School District 2, and Tami Haaland, English department chair at MSUB.

“It’s a philosophy. It’s a community,” McCarthy said.

According to McCarthy, the aim is to have teachers foster creativity, professional skills, and critical th. inking through writing and composition. They are working toward becoming an official site of the National Writing Project, joining two sites that already exist at the University of Montana in Missoula and Montana State University in Bozeman.

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